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UFCW Professional Division

Why you should choose the UFCW

  • The UFCW has a team of negotiators with years of experience. In addition, we utilize some of the Nation’s top actuaries with regards to benefits and pension analysis.
  • UFCW takes a leadership role in the LMP, and the partnership has been a great tool for collective bargaining (Kaiser pharmacists are not part of the partnership currently).
  • Current UFCW pharmacists have a negotiated defined contribution plan (Kaiser pharmacists have a 401k plan currently in lieu of a defined contribution (pension plan).
  • UFCW has approximately (75) Union Representatives assigned to service pharmacists throughout Southern California.
  • UFCW has maintained a seat on the Board of Pharmacy for many years (we currently have two seats and take an active role with regards to laws/regulations, education, compounding, and enforcement).
  • The UFCW has a lobbyist at both the State and National level. The UFCW played an integral part in establishing a pharmacist to technician ratio in the past.
  • UFCW provides continuing education for pharmacy members (live, online and by mail). This results in less out of pocket expenses for pharmacists to obtain CE credits. We have had presentations by the Board of Pharmacy and the DEA in the past.
  • UFCW has a Professional Division for its pharmacists. Pharmacists are invited to participate in a roundtable to discuss pharmacy related issues with UFCW leaders.
  • We have a dedicated website for our Professional Division. The website contains current articles and information to assist our pharmacists.